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Physical therapy is essential for enhancing overall health and rehabilitating injuries that are causing pain and discomfort in your body. Whether it’s lingering back pain, surgery, or the effects of growth spurts on an athlete, physical therapy can restore strength to muscles and flexibility to joints. It has the potential to fix some or all of the damage that is done and improve your physical function. With physical therapy, there are added benefits that can be expected depending on the type of patient and their reasoning for the therapy.


1. Benefits of Physical Therapy For Athletes


Our athletic patients often look at physical therapy as a form of preventative maintenance. They find the following benefits help keep their bodies strong and flexible, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing long-term damage.


Physical therapy benefits for athletes include:

Reducing risk of injury

Developing strength and coordination

Maintaining joint health

Athletes who come for physical therapy sometimes have nagging injuries that they are working to correct. When this happens, they are also preventing it from becoming something more significant. Being proactive is especially important for young athletes, who are looking to extend their athletic career and avoid chronic pain as they age.


2. Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

For post-op patients who are coming to physical therapy because of surgery, they will gain several benefits, including:

Pain Management

Accelerated Recovery

Movement Restoration

Prior to surgery, patients are often prescribed injections to mask their symptoms. Immediately following surgery, patients are given a prescription for pain medication, which can bring about a host of other side effects. With physical therapy, healing is introduced to the surgical area, minimizing the need for pain medication over time.


With physical therapy, patients are managing their injury and recovery in a conservative way. For example, joint movements can be restored easily with manual therapy, allowing surrounding muscles to develop strength in a controlled and proper manner. Physical therapy also encourages circulation to help avoid post-surgical complications.


3. Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Some patients find their way to physical therapy as a way to combat a common ailment: back pain. Back pain can occur at any stage in life and continue for years if not properly treated.

Physical therapy for back pain will not just improve the pain temporarily, but locate the source of the pain and treat the area for proper healing and recovery. Physical therapists use several strategies to target specific parts of the back and strengthen the surrounding muscles. For most patients with back pain, physical therapy has yielded superior results versus surgery, medication, or injections.


Benefits of Physical Therapy For Everyone

Physical therapy benefits aren’t just limited to these three categories! Depending on what reason is bringing you to physical therapy, you may experience several advantages from the therapy sessions.


The benefits of physical therapy are extensive and diverse. All patients start their recovery much faster with physical therapy than with other types of treatment, and finish their therapy stronger and more mobile than when they started. You can start physical therapy right away and you will begin to see signs of improvement within a few short sessions — and without medication.


Physical therapy is a faster recovery option for most issues.

Physical therapy is designed to assist most injuries and surgeries, boosting patient recovery.

It is not only designed to correct physical injury, but minimizes the dependence on pain medication for patients.

Physical therapy is extremely beneficial as a preventative treatment for athletes and other patients.

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