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NormaTec is quickly becoming the gold standard of athlete recovery, so what is it about their recovery system that makes it so widely sought after by professional athletes and local gym-goers alike? Let’s take a look at who NormaTec is and what their recovery system can do for you.

NormaTec was created to improve blood flow using a patented pulsing massage technology, which has the benefit of speeding up your recovery after a tough workout or simply helping with circulation after a long day at the office. Some other technologies use a system that essentially squeezes, holds, and releases in an attempt to rush blood into and out of the treatment area. Rather than using this outdated – and potentially harmful – method, NormaTec’s system integrates three techniques:

Pulsing – Think about how your muscles work. Unless you’re lifting some big weights, very rarely do your muscles squeeze and hold for extended periods. When you’re walking around, your muscles go through a series of squeezing and releasing as you switch from one leg to the other. This natural pump-like action of the muscle happens fairly quickly, similar to the pulsing action utilized with NormaTec. By mimicking the natural patterns your muscles go through, you will enhance the blood flow, which will greatly enhance recovery.

Gradients – Put simply, the gradient technique prevents blood from flowing in the wrong direction. Again, this feature mimics how your body typically circulates blood, but does so at an accelerated pace to speed up recovery efforts.

Distal Release – Going back to what I mentioned before about the outdated method of squeezing, holding, and releasing, NormaTec avoids that by utilizing what they call distal release. Think of “distal” as “distant” – this feature releases the area farthest away from your heart first, once it is no longer needed to prevent “back flow” (returned blood circulation). This allows each section of the treated area to recover maximally between bouts of pulsing compression.

Together, these three techniques will help you increase your range of motion (flexibility) and lessen pain sensitivity (muscle soreness). That’s great and all, but how can you trust that these features are the real deal? Maybe it will help to know that the creator is both a physician and bioengineer. If that’s not enough to convince you, the fact that it’s trusted by 97% of professional teams ought to help you realize the benefits.

Ok, so you’re not a professional athlete but you take your health seriously and want to add a tried-and-true recovery method to workouts. Alternatively, you’re looking to get a great start with taking better care of your body and you want the first step – something easy that won’t take much time and will give you results as quickly as your first session.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to break the bank and buy the NormaTec system yourself, although that is an option. Instead, you can drop in to Pursue Physical Therapy and Performance Training get your first sports physical therapy session for less than the cost of a boot camp workout. Not to mention, NormaTec will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of beaten down and exhausted.

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