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When you have tight, aching muscles, the first thing you think is “I need a massage”. We’ve all been there but you don’t always have the time or money to head to your local massage therapist and lay on the table for an hour. After all, time is money – it’s something we understand all too well.

Enter Hypervolt.

Hypervolt goes above and beyond your typical massage by making it easy to adjust pressure, angle, and location quickly. You’re able to hit areas which may be missed by the massage therapist and work on tough spots for a more beneficial session. Simply put, you get a better, more rejuvenating massage in less time.

Rather than choosing between a deep tissue or Swedish massage, Hypervolt allows you to switch between 3 speed settings and 5 interchangeable head attachments to ensure you get the treatment you need to help you restore and recover quickly . Don’t worry about the loud noises of other massage systems because Hypervolt utilizes its Quiet Glide technology to remain quiet and help you enjoy uninterrupted relaxation.

Massage has many benefits outside of the obvious immediate feeling of relief of soreness and muscle tightness. It will help you increase your range of motion (flexibility) and promotes better circulation. Taking a step further, improved circulation makes massage a great choice to accelerate both your warm up and recovery from the toughest of workouts.

For those of you who aren’t weekend warriors, the benefits still remain – improved circulation will help keep you energized throughout your day and the improved range of motion will help you complete your daily tasks with less pain. Basically, if you want to make your work week more enjoyable, massage – specifically Hypervolt massage – is the answer you’ve needed.

Realistically, you could hop over to the Hypervolt website and buy one for yourself; but why not take advantage of a local sports rehab professional to help you restore and recover in as little as one session?

Check out Pursue PT’s limited time Restore and Recover package where you can get UNLIMITED sessions of the Hypervolt along with our other recovery services for a low monthly price. If you’ve been fighting nagging aches and pains without the time or money to take care of yourself, this is your chance to make a change for the better.