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GameReady® is the cooling therapy system you’ve been looking for to optimize your recovery from tough workouts or injury. Have you ever used one of those “squeeze and shake” disposable ice packs? You know, the ones the school nurse used to give out for pretty much every injury imaginable. Within minutes, the ice pack turned into a wet, warm blob that wasn’t doing anything to help ease your pain.

Even the “higher end” ice packs you can pick up at the local drug store don’t do much better. What you need is something that will stay colder longer in order to promote the benefits you’re looking for, which is what GameReady® offers. Along with the cooling technology, this system adds compression to give you the ultimate cooling therapy system to get you back in action in no time. If you’re wondering how GameReady® will help you, keep reading!

There are 4 main ways GameReady® excels where a regular ice pack or compression wrap can’t.

  1. Active Cryotherapy – Instead of placing a static ice pack on your injury, you’ll get circulating ice water traveling to the injury site and back to the pump. By circulating the ice cold water, you’re removing heat from the treatment area and introducing cold simultaneously, which allows the area to be cooled down faster. That’s a recipe for fast results!
  2. Active Compression Therapy – Similar to how NormaTec® works, GameReady® introduces intermittent compression that mimics your natural muscle contractions. This helps to push swelling away from the area and bring in oxygenated blood in to help you recover faster.
  3. Circumferential Coverage – This is a fancy way of saying that the ice wrap conforms to your body to improve surface contact. Instead of having a dinky little ice pack that’s only half touching your injury, this feature provides complete coverage, allowing the cooling and compression to treat the entire injury site at once. Faster cooling = faster recovery, which leads to the next point.
  4. Faster, Deeper Cooling – With the introduction of rapid cooling and compression to your injury site, the area will stay cooler longer. That will help to eliminate secondary tissue injury, which, once again, will help you to recover faster.

All of these features are offered through GameReady’s portable system, which is way more convenient than sloppily wrapping your injury or throwing a useless disposable ice pack on it. While you may not be ready to drop the coin on a system of your own (it can get quite costly), you could take advantage of local facilities like Pursue Physical Therapy and Performance Training, who offer GameReady® along with a number of other high-end recovery systems for a very low cost.