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There are many misconceptions about physical therapy and the physical therapists themselves; some of it is because of false information and some of it is due to misunderstanding. Physical therapy can change lives for people of all skills and age ranges, but sometimes prospective patients are swayed not to pursue treatment because of faulty information or opinion. To learn what getting physical therapy is really like, read on.

Physical Therapists Are Highly Trained

One common misconception about going to physical therapy is that it is similar to seeing a personal trainer. Actually, becoming a licensed physical therapist requires many years of targeted education and on-the-job experience. Did you know physical therapists are required to attain a Doctorate Degree in order to be licensed? Top level physical therapists also go on to residency programs and fellowships, similar to medical doctors, to advance their skills and hone their practice- something Dr. Cruz of Pursue PT has done.

You Don’t Need A Prescription For Physical Therapy

One of the most important things to know about physical therapy is that you don’t need a prescription. Some people assume that physical therapy is similar to treatment by some other healthcare professionals, which may require a prescription or referral before you can receive care. However, you can make your own decision about receiving physical therapy. This opens your options to going somewhere convenient, trusted and high-quality, like Pursue PT.

Your Injury Will Heal Faster With Physical Therapy

Some people are worried that too much physical therapy may actually keep an injury from healing as quickly as it otherwise would. Experienced physical therapists know how many treatment sessions are required for your injury to actually heal faster. In fact, most injuries heal much quicker with physical therapy. There are even some injuries and painful conditions that might not heal at all without therapy.

Your Physical Therapist May Give You Homework

Often, the first step on the path toward recovery starts with the question “How does physical therapy work?” You probably already know that you will attend therapy sessions in a gym or a similar facility. However, physical therapists often give their clients exercises and stretches to do at home. This can help people recover quickly, and give them a better shot at getting back to the activities they love.

Research To Find The Right Physical Therapist

Physical therapists may have different areas of expertise. Some therapists specialize in sports injuries, some may enjoy working with elderly patients, or specialize in healing certain ailments. It’s a good idea to research your therapist as much as possible to ensure that he or she is right for your needs.

Things To Take Away From This Article

  • Physical therapists have to complete a great deal of training.
  • Injuries have been shown to heal injuries faster and in some cases, help you avoid surgery.
  • There are different types of physical therapists for your needs.
  • Physical therapists may give their patients exercises to do at home.
  • A prescription is not required for physical therapy.

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