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headache treatment nj

Headaches & Migraines

We offer headeache treatment in Essex County & Hudson County, NJ and have had unparalleled success treating patients who suffer from headaches & migraines in which their frequency, duration, and intensity all improve by at least 50% with in 6-8 visits. Research has shown that cervical Manipualtion and dry needling is more effective then standard treatments and mediciation.

TMJ Dysfunction

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a complex condition that typically leads to degeneration and subsequent imbalance between the articular disc, joint capsule and muscles of mouth opening/closing. To improve mouth opening, and for the reduction of pain and disability, reaserch has shown Dry Needling the masster & lateral ptyergoid muscles as well as mobilizing the TMJ and Manipulation of the upper cervical spine has shown to be the most effective in treating this pathology.

physical therapy for knee injuries in NJ

Knee Injuries

Knee pain from tendonitis to serious ACL injuries require  specialized attention.  Under the direct supervision of Dr. Brandon Cruz an Orthopedic and Sports Clinical Specialist, the staff at Pursue PT provides the highest quality physical therapy for knee injuries in Essex & Hudson County, NJ to get you back to your sport as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Knee OA

Knee osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease, it is typically the result of wear and tear and progressive loss of articular cartilage or the “cushioning” of the knee. The result is knee joint pain, stiffness in the morning or after long periods of sitting, limited joint motion, night pain, and/or joint deformity. Research has shown a combination of e-stim dry needling, knee joint mobilizations and progressive loading or exercises will result in a significantly better outcome that traditional therapy or management by a physician.

tennis elbow treatment nj

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia) is a painful condition that occurs when the extensor tendons in your elbow are overloaded, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and forearm.  Pursue PT offers tennis elbow treatment in NJ that utilizes advanced treatment techniques to get rid of your pain. Cervical manipulation to C5-6 joint, median and radial nerve gliding technqiues in addition periosteal dry needling over  elbow bone and e-stim dry needling  to the tendon forearm muscles are key in treating this pathology.

Achilles Tendonopathy

There are two types of achilles tendonoptahy, insertional and mid portion. Periosteal dry needling to the calcaneus has been shown to help improve pain and function and e-stim Dry needling around the Achilles tendon has shown to improve pain and function for people with mid portion achilles tendonopathy. In both instances dry needling combined with joint based manual therapy, neurodynamics and exercises will produce the most optimal outcomes.

Concussion & Whiplash Management

Concussion and whiplash often go hand in hand. Our Concussion and whiplash program  is the only program of its kind in New Jersey. Even after headaches go away, most patients still have trouble with physical or cognitive exertion. Physiologic Post Concussive disorder is a very common and easily missed. Our Concussion Rehabilitation Program helps our athletes as well as those who have experienced concussions from fall or accidents return to their sports and favorite activities combining advance Manual physical therapy techniques, neuromuscular reeducation which are guided by research driven methods. 

Shoulder Pain: Impingment, Tendinitis, Rotator Cuff, and More

Did you know?

80% of people with shoulder pain, who are diagnosed with a shoulder pathology actually have symptoms that are coming from their neck!

The treatment for this pathology from a shoulder physical therapist will typically consist of Dry needling to the rotator cuff muscles and joint, periosteal pecking to the shoulder region, cervical, thoracic and rib joint manipulatons and neurodynamics treatment. In addition, shoulder pain treatment exercises targeting the shoulder girdle region will be prescribed to restore muscular balance and control.

Crossfit & Weightlifting Injuries

Tired of being told not to do Crossfit? Is your pain keeping you out of the box? Pursue PT  is here to help!

 Pursue PT has plenty of experience  treating a variety of crossfit coaches and athletes in the North Jersey area and we understand the needs of the crossfit athlete. Our clinic is equipment with 2 squat racks, a deadlifting area, rings, plyo boxes, kettlebells and more,  To help you achieve new PR’s!!

Physical Therapy For Runners

If you are a runner, then you have likely experienced your fair share of running related injuries. From Runner’s knee, to Achilles Tendonitis/Tendonopathy to ITB syndrome, all of these overuse injuries can stop a runner in their tracks. When rest and shoe modification does not resolve your symptoms, it is time to seek help from a physical therapist specializing in running. 

 For Years Pursue PT has teamed up with Fleet feet & Essex Running Club to help get runners back to doing what they love. 

Our facility is equipped with everything you’ll need to get back to being the runner you’re accustomed to being. Don’t settle for less!

 Using evidence-based return to running programs, Manual therapy and a plethora of recovery interventions, we can get you ready for your upcoming marathon in no time!