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Customer Reviews

After almost a year post surgery from a torn tendon in my ankle and still having pain I looked to Pursue for help. Dr. Brandon Cruz was amazing to work with, he was so wise and knew exactly what to do to get to the results I desired! His manipulations were the best I’ve ever recieved (and as a dancer I have been to many PTs in the past). After just 5 sessions, the pain is completely gone even after performing en pointe! All in all a fabulous experience at Pursue!! Additionally their performance trainer Anton is knowledgeable and excellent at his craft but moreover he is caring and gets results! He has helped me develop fitness goals, conquer them and reach for more! Whether you come here for a PT treatment, performance training or both, you will NOT be disappointed!

Amber Evelyn Avatar Amber Evelyn
March 13, 2020

I took my first Strength Training class with Anton and loved it ! Great training program run by a great coach! Clean facilities too. I can't wait to go back again - i highly recommend it.

Christel Cogneau Avatar Christel Cogneau
February 17, 2020

Dr. Cruz is a miracle worker. I came into Pursue PT after an ankle sprain hoping to get back to very high level of volleyball before my fast approaching season started. With the help of Dr. Cruz, I have met my goals earlier than expected and have been feeling stronger than ever. His impressive academic background and thorough approach to rehabilitating my injury gives me complete faith in him to treat any ailment I can imagine. I also have to mention how knowledgeable and kind his students are throughout an extremely stressful process. The clinic is always spotless and my impossible schedule is always somehow accommodated for. I look forward to referring all of my colleagues and teammates to Pursue PT. Thanks again, Dr. Cruz!

Douglas Dzema Avatar Douglas Dzema
January 20, 2020

Incredible training facility with extremely educated and motivating trainers. I highly recommend this place for people with any fitness goals and that want personal attention from educated trainers. Anton is the best trainer - EVER! He has helped my nephew reach new levels of athleticism, but more importantly, he now understands what it takes to reach a competitive level of commitment and focus to be a stellar athlete. He has motivated my nephew to train hard and to strive to reach for his goals. I really can't thank Anton enough! He is also a character which makes coming into the facility a blast.

otto Suarez Avatar otto Suarez
December 21, 2019

Brandon and Staff are top notch. Brandon’s approach to treating an issue is professional, compassionate and honest. His willingness to accommodate each patient is above and beyond any other PT facility. Brandon is constantly looking for innovative ways to treat and care for his patients. The performance training aspect to Pursue run by Anton far exceeds your mass produced training facility. Anton’s ability to know the needs of each of his athletes shows that he is personally invested in seeing them succeed. Both Anton and Brandon not only check in with their athletes frequently but they actually attend their athletes sporting events. This place is the present and definitely the future in Physical Therapy and Performance Training.

Leigh Cadigan Avatar Leigh Cadigan
November 4, 2019