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Running as a sport or favorite exercise regimen is great for your heart and helps maintain your overall physical health. Like any other sport, running can cause significant damage to joints and knees over time. The best way to take preventative action is to use exercises to complement running and reduce any current damage. Below are what runners can expect when they choose a physical therapist specializing in running and the benefits that come with physical therapy for runners.

Choose A Physical Therapist Specializing in Running

Attempting to treat a running injury without a physical therapist can be more damaging to your body than the initial injury. Many runners tend to continue running with the injury which leads them to favor one side or the other. Added pressure on one side of the body can cause a secondary injury. Even if you do not currently have an injury, performance training with our team can prevent future injuries and give your running the boost it needs. This and sports recovery therapy are great options for competitive runners.

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Our team at Pursue PT are dual board certified in sports and orthopedics, which is a winning formula for runners. Our philosophy is to embrace communication with our patients first and collaborate with them on a therapy regimen that will meet their goals by the end of treatment. Because running is known to increase stress on joints and knees, our orthopedic background allows us to focus on minimizing stress and dispersing those forces evenly throughout the body and to reduce overuse and injury.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Runners

In order to boost healing, our  physical therapist may have you reduce your mileage for a little while. Running injuries can range from mild to severe and complexity due to repetitive nature of running and the entire body being used. As the muscles become fatigued during running over time this places more stress on the joints. It is imperative that to restore and optimize joint mechanics and running mechanics prior to return to running. This is where being treated by a physical therapist will help boost healing, strength, and performance when you return to training.


Taking advantage of stretching and mobility exercises will promote circulation and flexibility in the legs, hips and low back. Since these muscles and joints experience the majority of the force from the body, they need to rest and gain the most in terms of restoration. A variation of these stretches and mobility exercises will encourage rapid circulation and restoration.

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Strength Training

Building the strength up in the legs and core is critical for running economy. Utilizing different exercises with strength techniques and resistance bands will improve the range of motion in this area. These exercises give your muscles a break from running and focus on rebuilding that muscle so that you can run properly again without discomfort, pain, and even improve your time.

Return to Running

Over the course of your physical therapy treatment, you will slowly introduce your body back to running after some healing, strength and movement optimization have been restored. When returning to running it is important to not just jump back into running but increase your mileage over time. A key rule is to increase your distance prior to increasing intensity or the pace at which you run. In order to help maintain the progress you have made we will teach you self management techniques to allow to maintain the strength and mobility to allow to you perform at the level you want to, once rehab is complete.


  • Physical therapy for runners focus on restoring and optimize joint mechanics and joint health, building up strength and range of motion to restore good physical health and improve your running efficiency.
  • Stretching and strength training should be used together to alleviate running pains.
  • Due to the complexity of running injuries, it is best to choose a physical therapist specializing in running.

Enhance Your Running Today!

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